The Muppets with the family

ImageLast night, our family all curled up on the couch together to watch the 2011 film, The Muppets. My wife and I have fond memories of the original Muppet show on TV when we were kids and we love to share that with our own son, who is well versed in the muppets from the muppet show and old sesame street clips. For a while there, he insisted that hand-puppet-Grover drive the car whenever we went anywhere (should I have admitted that?).

What separates this film from other muppet movies is that it takes place today, some twenty five years or more after the Muppets’ heyday and 23 years after the death of Muppet creator, Jim Henson. Nevertheless, the movie was tongue-in-cheek funny followed a novel story arc centered around Walter (a muppet born to a human family – sort of like a mud-blood from Harry Potter) and his search for identity. Although the story arcs around Walter, Jason Segel’s character is really the main protagonist and he, along with Amy Adams, steal the show with their mildly self-conscious singing and dancing:

“Yeah, I just sung a whole song about that a minute ago…” – Gary to Amy about whether he is a man or a muppet.

On the whole, I would say The Muppets deserves to stand with the original Muppet Movie as great stories that make you fall in love with the muppets all over again. Moreover,  the soundtrack is terrific. We hear it all the time during car trips with Pandora.

imdb gives The Muppets 7.2/10, while rotten tomatoes gives it a whopping 96%. I would say the truth is somewhere in between.


3 down, 97 to go!


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