Before there were transformers, there was … Holes.


Shia LaBeouf plays a kid with a curse that has been plaguing his family for generations. The latest manifestation of this curse gets him convicted of stealing the shoes of a major league baseball player after the inexplicably fall on him from the heavens.

Instead of jail, the kid, Stanley Yelnats, gets sent to a camp for 18 months where he must did holes day after day in the hot sun. What really transpires, though, is that he is thrown in with a group of kids who are all playing it tough and make life miserable for him, except for one, who goes by the name of Zero.

The human drama is predictable, but the plot is not.

Rather than spoil it, I’ll just say that each of the main characters’ family stories come together in a delightfully crafted story.

Although there were some hiccups in the acting jobs of the supporting characters, this film was a fun ride for my son and me.

The deeper questions this story posed are whether we are living predetermined lives set in motion ages ago or if we have real free will to choose our own destinies. Predictably, the film sides with free will (I guess that’s a more hopeful, kid-friendly message)Although it does dance close to the edge on this, with free will just barely edging out fate by a nose.

 Imdb gives Holes a 7/10; Rotten Tomatoes comes in with a consistent score of 77%. I’m happt with that ballpark, maybe 8/10.

9 down, 91 to go (hey, this is easy! – maybe I need to find some more challenging viewing)


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