18 Minutes of Tolerable footage


This still image of an abandoned Soviet lander is the only Cel from this film worth saving.

I’m not going to write much of a review here. Apollo 18 is such a poorly conceived film that it does not merit the effort required. The best thing I can say is, “Don’t watch this” piece of crap. Coming from someone who loves even the worst of movies, that’s saying something. I’d rather watch our family’s old silent video of a New England clam bake from the ~50s for the 75 minutes this dragged on.

I was tempted by general interest in the space program and the idea of continued lunar landing missions, but was fooled.

The only thing intriguing here was the idea of finding a previously unknown Soviet lander on the moon, but really- that’s it. Despite it being a spoiler, the other main idea in the movie was that moon rocks are actually spider-like organisms that can somehow infect humans.

Don’t lose any sleep over the possibility that this could happen. And they didn’t make it so  there’s no chance of moon rocks spreading their evil human-hating plague down here.


Overall, this shouldn’t even have been interesting as a first draft, it asked no questions of the audience, provided no real action, suspense or horror to satisfy the baser interests.

Imdb gives this a 5.2/10. Rotten tomatoes gives it a 24%. 

Both of them are wrong. I’d give it 0.5 /10. 10 down, 90 to go.


2 comments on “18 Minutes of Tolerable footage

  1. I wholeheartedly agree, I was downright enraged after seeing this film in the theatre. The threatre, no less! Gah, what a waste of a perfectly good bag of popcorn. This film was pointless and dull and it’s shocking it was ever made.
    Spot on with this one.

    • Thanks – I saw your comment in my email and couldn’t remember which film it was about. When I checked the blog to see, it just made me angry all over again. It’s hard to believe that this film almost made back its $28M budget. I guess the real masterwork was making a trailer to get us watching. – Bastards!

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