OK, so, I caught up with yesterday and posted my blurb about HP. Today I had a lot of trouble coming up with a film to watch. I really wanted a horror movie because I was home alone, but I didn’t have anything good on DVR and I was too lazy to get out a DVD (man, that’s saying something.) I started the newer remake of Total Recall, but dropped out before the credits finished and switched to Jaws. I love that movie and think it’s one of the best of all time, but it wasn’t hooking me like I wanted.

Finally I put on Jurassic Park. I’ve had it DVR’d for a while hoping that I could watch it with my son, but my wife is totally against it thinking it’s too violent for him (I think that comes from the opening scene, the rest of the film really isn’t bad at all). Anyway, I watched it again and really looked for how it was constructed. I’ll write about it tomorrow, but from a technical standpoint, I actually thought it was a pretty damned good film – not only that, but after doing all that thinking about computer effects, I was happy to see them used judiciously here. George Lucas could really learn something from watching this. Judging from Episode I – III, I’m guessing that he never did.


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