Murder in Amityville

Sticking with New England…

ImageThe Amityville Horror is one of my favorite horror films. I come back to watch it time and again and always enjoy the steady elevation of suspense throughout the movie. Some of the original film’s ‘horror’ may be lost on younger audiences who didn’t grow up with these films and the surrounding stories of paranormal events. At the time, this was the height of horror and, along with a number of other films around the same time brought horror into the mainstream.

I’ve just recorded both the original (1979) and the remake (2005) and started watching the newer version first. I look forward to comparing the two films on a number of levels:

What is the same or very different between these stories?

How does each stand as a horror film?

What do the intervening years mean for the cinematography?

How do the actors’ performances and special effects compare?


I feel somewhat tempted to dig up a couple of the other films from the series (can you believe there are ten of them?) But, if I do, I’ll probably just stick to the ‘originals’, i.e. I, II and IV.


3 comments on “Murder in Amityville

  1. Love Amityville! The original soars above the remake (for me), though, for the ladies, the new version has plenty of rugged shirtlessness. Enjoy!

  2. ps- I also started listening to the original Amityville Horror on audiobook. I keep wondering, how much does the author believe in this? Is a predecessor of Blair Witch?

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