is it hot in here?

Fahrenheit 9/11 is the production of Michael Moore. The same man who rose to fame (or infamy) with Roger and me – the tale of Flint Michigan’s collapse following the withdrawal of  GM. Moore is known for being tireless in his pursuit of interview subjects and confronting them with blunt questions the expose the hypocrisy or thoughtlessness of their positions.

In F9/11, Moore confronts Congressmen on Capitol hill to provide them with information about sending their sons abroad to fight in the wars that they voted for, interviews parents of soldiers who died fighting in Iraq and, most pointedly, traces the closer-than-comfortable connections between the Bush and Bin Laden Families. Although Moore mentions Afghanistan, the focus of his criticism lies in the Bush administration’s insistance that going to war in Iraq is critical preserving the freedom and safety of Americans at home.

It’s easy to dismiss Moore as being a chatterbox and anti-establishment, however, his positions have merit and are well researched. If I have a problem with his presentation, it is Imagemostly that it allows for the complications of his storyline without admitting the reality that all oil money is tied together and it would be impossible for anyone with Bush’s background to not have some ties with the Bin Ladens.

Nevertheless, when faced with the multiplicity of images of the Bushes and their Cabinet members dealing with Saddam and the Bin Ladens, it is hard to dismiss.



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