Amityville 2

Seriously – doesn’t the DeFeo Kid look just like Theon Greyjoy from Game of Thrones? I kept expecting them to call him Reek.

Amityville II is a prequel of The Amityville Horror. It tells the story of the DeFeo Family’s aquisition of the house on 112 Ocean Avenue and their untimely deaths at the hands of the eldest son, Ronnie.


hmmm… what time is it?

Er, well, it should. Instead, the DeFeos are played by a fictional family, the Montelli’s… I don’t know why. And that means that it’s Sonny, not Ronnie who does the killing. And to be honest, a hell of a lot doesn’t follow the original story. How can you have an original movie that talks about the the prior owners, the DeFeos… but then replaces them with a different family, but everything happens about the same except nearly no one is shot in their beds, which is part of the whole mystery and horror of the story?

The casting would have been alright, except that Burt Young is Paully, Rocky’s Brother-in-law, and I simply can’t see him as anything else. And, how is it that he can afford this house? The guy seems like a worthless louse, and this time the house’s price isn’t depressed by a history of evil…


        tick… tick… tick

This movie makes a lot of wrong turns. So many that’s it would be laughable if I didn’t feel like it eroded the power of the first film.

But, rather than enumerate its failings, I’d rather say that I do like the voice in Sonny’s head that drives him made with its insistence that he kill his family. It’s the part of the story that makes you afraid to sleep in your own bed. Could this happen to anyone? It’s one of the key characteristics of schizophrenia and you can see how someone’s mind would break down if they were constantly barraged with these voices.

Unfortunately, it’s a small part of the film that keeps to that subtle needling that turns suspense into horror. 

The Wikipedia article on this film says it best, “Amityville II set the pattern for low-budget sequels with little reference to real life events in Amityville.”  Perhaps that’s just the way these things go, but it didn’t have to. Making the backstory could have been just as compelling and horrifying as the original film. All that was required was a pinch of judgement and the judicious spending of the first film’s profits.

I’m not sure I can watch any more of the films after this one. I’d rather keep that old house as a creepy memory of a pseudo-true nightmare than allow it to get transformed into a sideshow attraction.

One a different note, my wife has been having a terrible time sleeping lately. She wakes up every night at 3:45am and I’ve caught her standing over me more than once in the pitch dark of the night.


                        Time to Die

I told her to set her alarm for 3:15 if she’s going to kill me.





imdb gave AII 5/10 stars. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a whoppingly low 7%! The sad thing is, I don’t think Rotten Tomatoes is wrong.

21 down, 79 to go.  And I know I’m falling behind, but I’m trying.


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