Victor Wong and Dennis Dun save the world – TWICE!


Imagei never noticed before that Big Trouble in Little China and The Prince of Darkness are actually exactly the same film. In each movie, what’s needed to save the world is a little philosophy (supplied by Victor Wong) and a little kick ass (supplied by Dennis Dun – well, it is in Big Trouble anyway).

An ancient evil is trying to return to the real physical world:

Big Trouble: check. Lo Pan                                   Prince of D: Check. The devil

The evil being needs a woman to bring him into the physical world:

Big Trouble: check. Lo Pan needs to marry a special woman

Prince of D: Check. The devil needs to transform a woman into his agent to pull him through the darkness into the world (The use of mirrors is really well done here)

The Evil being needs additional henchmen to keep the good guys from getting in the way:

Big Trouble: check. The three elemental, invinciblebad-asses

Prince of D: Check. Anyone who drinks the vomit punch

The evil being is thwarted by a young upstart:

Big Trouble: check. Jack Burton

Prince of D: Check. Redheaded scientist

Evil is averted… but maybe not:

Big Trouble: check. Crazy Sasquatch thing survives and sneaks on Jack’s truck

Prince of D: Check. There’s still the message from the future (1999) and forgettable leading man dreams that it’s not over yet

IMDB calls Big trouble in Little China  7.2/10 stars; Prince of Darkness 6.6/10 stars

Rotten Tomatoes calls Big trouble in Little China  83%; Prince of Darkness 50%

I call them two great tastes that taste great together.

26 Down, 74 to go.


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