Pam Grier-a-thon


Foxy – No, – Jackie Brown

I’m trying to set up a couple of Pam Grier films to play back-to-back to examine how well Quentin Tarentino did in bringing back the 1970s blaxploitation heroine with his 1997 film Jackie Brown. I’ve seen them all before, but I was hoping to see both Coffy and Foxy Brown first and then follow up with Jackie Brown with the hope of clarifying whether Tarentino is just copying the work done before him or actually adding something new to the stories.

I promised my General Bio class that I would look into reviewing at least one Q.T. film for inclusion of an extra credit point or two. I think this might be one I can look forward to seeing again.


One comment on “Pam Grier-a-thon

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