Airplane, Airplane II

ImageStryker takes to the air again in airplane II, but this comparison photo of Julie Hagerty in 1980 (airplane) and 2013 (old navy) demonstrates that we could have an Airplane III anytime while keeping her as our favorite flight attendant. One can only imagine that she has a picture of a shriveled hag locked away deep in her attic.

My son found just as much humor in the sequel as he did in the original and I have to agree that it was pretty good (as far as sequels go), but I doubt there’s anyone out there who would rather see it than the original.

I can still recall seeing this film in the theater near Concord Mall in Wilmington, DE when I was a kid. I went with Tom Lawson and his mother. Because we got to the theater late, Tom’s mother let us hang out to watch the next show so we could see the beginning. After waiting for that long, we just watched the whole movie again from the start – a kid’s dream.


Rotten Tomatoes has Airplane dialed at 98%; Airplane II at 39%

IMDB has it at 7.8/ 10 stars; Airplane II at 5.9/10

To be fair, there’s no way you walked into Airplane expecting anything different than what you got. Airplane is to its genre what Jaws is to its, perfection.

Airplane II, well, it’s ‘The Sequel’



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