A taste of what I’ve been watching

(but not writing about…)

I’ve still been watching quite a bit of movies, but I have not been keeping up on writing about them. It being the season of the witch, I filled my DVR drive with a bundle of horror films and have been dutifully working my way through them. These have included:

Image1. Halloween, the new one from 2007. 

           I originally thought this was a good film, but I do think there are a good number of flaws. Chief among them is that Mike Myers is built up in the beginning as a character who snaps, but it’s primarily due to his crappy life – not his being 100% evil. However, this glimmer of good fades away and is lost by the end of the movie. Is this by design? Perhaps, but if it is, it’s a crummy idea.  C’mon, at least spare the janitor who’s been looking out for you all these years.

2. Mama

     This movie is actually pretty scary throughout the first half of the film. It keeps to a good storyline, and is not poorly acted, but mama gets too much screen time after a while and loses her mystery / fear factor.

3. Searching for Bobby Fisher

     A really good film about the world of competitive chess amongst children. Not something that sounds like a lot of fun? Try it. You might like it anyway. Our main character struggles to find his “work / life balance” … only, being a young prodigy (is there any other kind?), it’s a balance between “being a kid / being a chess grandmaster” Well written, well acted, even the chess scenes are gripping – thumbs up.


Awesome. I remember talking about this scene on the 6th grade playground.

V – the original miniseries

      crap – I only taped episode I! And I was just getting into the ridiculous nature of how aliens manipulate all the world into thinking that scientists are evil. Scientists are driven from their homes and hounded by people wherever they turn. One old jewish man sees what’s happening and insists that they hide a family of scientists in their poolhouse. Really? That’s all we’ve got? There are alien spaceships hanging over every major city of the world and their strategy is to get us to turn against our scientists? Well, now that I think of it… it doesn’t sound that far-fetched. I see it as going the way of Atlas Shrugged pretty quickly.

The Terminator

    Still works for me. I know it’s dated. I know the actual terminator scenes are almost comic in their failure to appear even modestly realistic. Nevertheless, The Terminator is an iconic film and is bound to stay one for many more years to come. Or at least until some moron like Michael Bay remakes it and ruins all our memories.

Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of our Lives

This was unwatchable. A complete failure as a documentary.  



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