Don’t I ever watch any good movies?


My son is a fan of the Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon and has even gotten us interested too. Once I got into the story, I realized that it was told very well with a mixture of styles (long story arcs wrapped around shorter ones, vignettes and epics) and incorporating both serious subject matter and light-hearted humor. 

Tonight, for our Friday night movie night we were at a loss for finding anything interesting and decided to pick up the film version from a $5 bin of movies. Now, it should be a clear warning sign when movies are tossed into a bin with a low price and placed in the middle of an aisle in a store. If only we had heeded that sign…

Instead, we suffered through a complete dog of a movie that tried to quickly whisk us through the first season of the cartoon without any concern for good acting, dialog or even story. I came into this with low expectations only to have the floor drop out under me. This is definitely one to avoid.


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