Ahhh. Something good at last


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Just finished watching Beware of Mr. Baker, a fantastic documentary about Ginger Baker, the drummer of Cream and several other great bands. I love documentaries –  good ones at least, but music documentaries tend to suck. Probably because they can sit back and rely on the fact that a documentary about a guy who was in Cream doesn’t have to deliver much because we can fill it chock full of clips of Cream. 

This is not one of those crap, cop-out documentaries. This one does a great job of delivering the personality of one of rock’s greatest musicians, presenting him as a person who was a part of some great bands, but wasn’t limited to just those events. Beware of Mr. Baker even creates some of its own original content in the form of animations to flesh out the stories of the past.

See this film and see why Rotten Tomatoes gives it a whopping 98% fresh rating.



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    So seldom do I watch good movies in the evenings…

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