Wha …?


Abandon all hope of a coherent story

The Abandoned.

Beautiful setting, with what looks like it could be an interesting story going in as the tension builds. But as soon as we start getting some pieces to put together, the direction of the film spirals out of control. This is not to say that I had no interest in the underlying story, but only that the present timeline doesn’t seem to be operating under any rules that make sense. 

Many years ago, a man murders his wife (for what reason? I can’t say) and then proceeds to do the same with his twin children, but by much more complicated and incomprehensible manners. Before he can dispose of the children, he is shot and the babies are rescued. One goes to America and one stays in Russia (again, why?)

So, we have the start of something creepy. Years later, the baby girl grows into a woman who wants to get some answers about her past. She goes to Russia and finds her family home undisturbed by anything other than time. It’s still a crime scene and is haunted, not by the ghosts of her parents, but by her own ghost and that of her brother. ???

I can’t go any further because flashbacks and flash forwards and flash sideways all blend into each other and I have no idea what’s real, or what’s happening, or where this will take us.

All I can say is, “Damn, that house is big on the inside!” and “don’t watch this film, you’ll only be disappointed.”


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