Today in the Listening Booth

Customers-using-listening-booths-1950s-HMVNick Drake was an English Singer/Songwriter who poured an abundance of heart into the fewest notes possible. He suffered from depression that, after the completion of 1972’s Pink Moon, drew him back into his parents’ home in Warwickshire where, on 25 November 1974, he died from an overdose of antidepressants. During his lifetime he found no commercial success, but since then, his music has been found and enjoyed by millions. Even here in a VW commercial…

Shannon Hoon, the frontman also found his end in the trappings of fame. Following the release of their second album, Blind Mellon’s frontman overdosed on Cocaine in 1995. Blind Mellon’s success came from “Tones of home” and this track, both from their eponymous album

Although, Blind Mellon did tour with Soundgarden, I think my connection between the two groups come from the cassette tape that I had Blind Mellon on one side and Soundgarden’s Superunknown on the reverse side.


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