That’s when I saw Malachi and the others

Image“That’s when I saw Malachi and the others I guess their meeting with Isaac was over. They were acting real creepy.”   -The (Child) Narrator at the film’s open 

The narration should have continued, “And this was about as creepy as things would ever get. Stop the film now and just imagine the rest.”

I remember Children of the Corn being much better than this. I remember the film as having some point to the whole thing – and more than that, some aural cause. Perhaps I’m blending it with another movie, but I recall there being heaps of cereal grains ripe with the ergot fungus that was poisoning kids and causing hallucinations, tingling sensations and convulsive behaviors that drove their belief in ‘he who walks behind the rows.’

Instead, this film lacks both any natural cause and an understandable message. Unless you think that just being a film about scary kids is a message. Maybe that’s it: watch out for your kids. they may eat something funky and decide to kill all the adults.”

ImageAdmit there’s few things scarier than kids in a horror movie, especially if one of those kids is Malachi. But this should be a component of the story, not the alpha and the omega.

Perhaps I just got spooked by Malachi and buried my head under a pillow assuming the rest was scary. I was pretty young. Well, young enough.

Another surprise was finding Lina Hamilton in a leading role. I had no recollection of her in this film. In 1984 she starred in both this film and The Terminator. Had The Terminator been made a year earlier, there would have been little chance Hamilton would have taken this role. Nevertheless, she doesn’t really add much – anyone could have sufficed.

My advice: skip the film, pick up the book. Or maybe just close your eyes and invent a better story on your own.


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