Hi. I’m Chucky. Wanna Play?


That’s it. Another day, another bad movie. This time it’s Chucky. I’ve always said that deranged  serial killers simply shouldn’t be trusted with voodoo powers. Why? Because the result is almost universally going to be an ugly-ass doll running around trying to kill a six-year-old boy in 1988.

Chucky learned enough voodoo from his friend, Dr. Death, to be able to transfer his soul from his dying body into a doll’s body.

It looks like there’s no stopping Chucky – except that he’s starting to become human and may be stuck inside this doll forever if he doesn’t repeat the spell that got him in there to get him out again. And he can’t just transfer into just anyone, it has to bet he first person he revealed himself to. That happens to be a six-year-old boy named Andy.

Funny how no one believes little Andy’s story that his new ‘Good Guy’ doll is talking to him – and going way off his pre-programmed three sentence script too. It turns out that putting a bad guy soul into a good guy body still winds up leaving you with a pretty bad guy doll.

He has to be stopped, and there’s only one way to do that.

Dr. Death: “The heart. His heart is almost human.”

Yup. Shoot him in his ‘almost human heart.’ This isn’t something Chucky plans to sit around waiting for us to do though. Instead, Chucky kills the first person he gets alone in a room and there’s a lot of running around while we learn how all this happened. But eventually everything comes to a head as all the major characters wind up fighting it out to the death until Andy and his mom lock Chucky in the gas fireplace and throw in a match.

Chucky: “Andy, no. We’re friends to the end, remember?”

Andy: “This is the end.”

ImageThen they kill him about four more times before the film ends.

Chucky is a cult classic because it’s a fun idea and everyone liked to imagine setting a few cabbage patch dolls on fire.

Rotten Tomatoes gives Child’s Play a 69% rating, which is probably not too far off.


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