Films Johnny Depp didn’t ruin by playing that same damned character

ImageThat’s a tall order since there are clearly so many films that Mr. Depp has been in acting the same character again and again.

It’s easy to think this Jack Sparrow / Willy Wonka / Mad Hatter character is all he has to offer, but there are some surprises in his resume that are worth seeing.

1. From Hell – Inspector Frederick Abberline

2. Rango – Rango

3.  Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street   – Sweeney Todd  (this one comes close to that standard character, but it makes sense here, so I let it go)

4. Secret Window   –   Mort Rainey

5. The Ninth Gate   –  Dean Corso

6. Benny and Joon   –  Benny

7. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape   –   Gilbert Grape


2 comments on “Films Johnny Depp didn’t ruin by playing that same damned character

  1. this is so ridiculous says:

    This is so ridiculous because he has never played the same character nor has he ever “ruined” a movie

    He is the best thing about movies like Pirates, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Alice In Wonderland,etc.

    • I think it’s a stretch to say that he plays different characters in those films mentioned above. He’s definitely and interesting person, he has a unique ability to make exceptionally odd characters work in a film, but he’s also so maddeningly typecast. I actually just think it’s ashamed that he keeps getting thrust into the same role again and again. Just as I think it’s a shame that Tim Burton has painted himself into a corner that he rarely escapes from. I’d simply like to see a little more stretching by both Burton and Depp into new roles that make them have to work harder.
      Thanks for your comment though.
      And while I have you, which of his films do you think is his best? and, more importantly, why?

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