Wow, did I really watch this last night?


Well, not entirely. I mean – who could, right?

But I did give it the old college try. I think I am on a quest to find a version of Children of the Corn that really is good. There’s like 19 sequels – one of them should be good. Even if it’s just by accident.

I came in late, probably missing about 30 minutes or so of the beginning. And then I couldn’t take it any more, so I bailed early too. I don’t know how much I missed on that end. However, despite missing a ton of the movie, I guess I’m still arrogant enough to form an opinion on it.

Amazingly, it’s not all bad. David Carradine is in it…

IMDB tell us (sort of), “Six college students take a wrong turn and find themselves lost in the fifth installment of a film made to capitalize on a short story by Stephen King written for Penthouse magazine in 1977(I read it for the articles).” Some of these students are not poorly cast. Others, I’m sure were just looking for work and no one else was willing to take part in this thing.

Best cast: Stacy Galina, a regular on Knots Landing, plays Allison, who is looking for her brother who disappeared into small town Nebraska – or perhaps Jonah, OK –  to join a suicide cult. She’s cute and a reasonably good actress. Not so pretty that you expect that they just wrote the film in order to put a pretty girl in it, and not such a good actress that she wasn’t willing to be in this thing.


Worst cast: Adam Wylie as Ezeekial. A little red-haired kid who i obviously supposed to stand in for Malachai. spoiler alert: he couldn’t.

The one thing that I really did think was an improvement was using the corn silo (or whatever that was) as the way that the kids became one with He Who Walks Behind The Rows. They just should never have given us a glimpse of what was actually in there.

If you want to see the original original film, Disciples of the Crow, check this out (it sticks very closely to the original short story):


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