I can't find a proper attribution for this picStar Trek II / Star Trek Into Darkness

I didn’t realize that Into darkness was a (loose) remake of The Wrath of Khan. It’s probably best that I didn’t. Without expectations, it’s easier to be impressed and remakes don’t usually leave much room for surprise.

But, then again, this isn’t really a remake at all. In the same vein as the first film of the latest incarnation, time has been altered. Spock – the real Spock – makes another cameo appearance to remind us that this series is not bound to any preconceived story lines. But it does all reside in the same universe.

Get your own Tribble from ThinkGeek

Get your own Tribble from ThinkGeek

Hence, the tribble.

Another cameo appearance brings one of the little creatures into Bones’ clinical lab for no other purpose than to give a nod of the one original Star Trek episode that everyone knows. Well, that – and to show us that love conquers all. Especially if that love is the Bromance between Kirk and Spock. And even more especially with a touch of some magic genetically modified blood.

What Into Darkness brings is:

1. Khan

2. A Tribble

3. Spock and Spock

4. A lot of action

5. A more intelligent film than the first installment. (Not Rocket Surgeon intelligent, but more like what you might expect from Star Trek)

What Into Darkness lacks:

1. Ricardo Montalbán

2. Any time when people come together to actually think about things (that doesn’t just set up a massacre)

3. Ceti Alpha Five’s only remaining indigenous lifeform

I really did like this movie though. I have high hopes for the series as a whole and look forward to what the future brings.


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