Thinking thematically

The semester is drawing to a close. One last day of classes – not even real classes, just a review session. Next Tuesday is the final exam and that’s it – semester over. I am dreading the summer. Long, hot days, no classes to teach. I need to prepare to teach new classes next semester: medical terminology and pathophysiology in addition to my usual Microbiology. I normally get a week or so of strong inspiration around finals week to prepare for the next semester, then it seems a long way off and I forget until it’s a rush again.

Thinking of the hot summer and final exams, I need to come up with a theme for some extra credit questions on the exam. There are always a couple of good questions from the material that go deeper than the rest of the exam, but there are also other questions – some years about Twin Peaks (my favorite TV series) or zombie films (I don’t think I need to explain that one). But keeping the extra credit on a theme makes it possible that students can see the theme during the review session and then give in to some relaxed internet surfing, reading or films once their brains have filled up enough on biology.

This year, I have an idea – it’s not even that new, but it could be fun. If only I can make it work.

Something of a scavenger hunt, run through my own blog entries and resulting in a clear theme.

Dick: “Nothin’.  There ain’t nothin in room 2-3-7!  And you aint got no
business in there anyway so just stay out.  You hear me?  Stay out!”


The Twins would be right at home here

237 in the film = 217 in the novel.
This is the real thing.




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