Andy Kaufman on the Dating Game

Years ago, television existed in a pre ‘reality’ phase. The closest thing to reality TV were game shows when real people got in front of the camera as themselves, with no other agenda other than winning money and perhaps getting a slice of Andy Warhol’s promised 15 minutes of fame. The important thing was, no one broke the rules. People would sometimes freeze at the sight of a camera and become uneasy, but that’s about it. Candid camera used television to organize practical jokes on normal people, but no one turned the joke back around on the show.

Then came Andy Kaufman.

Kaufman was always in character and his character was something different (something like Sheldon Cooper, but more socially awkward). In a world where he was the only one, it was groundbreaking and amazing. Today, he would be one of many trying to explore the bounds of media and his personality would still stand out – but he wouldn’t be alone. Like Kaufman, Muhammad Ali was amazing because he didn’t just fight the fight, he talked the talk, Today,  brash, self-confident athletes are the norm as are comedians pulling back and exploring the layers of media.

Here’s to Andy … a man ahead of his time.

(I hope you enjoy)


One comment on “Andy Kaufman on the Dating Game

  1. lagerwhat says:

    The best Inter-Gender champion ever.

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