Is Mark Hamill a Star?-

The producers of Airborne ask…450

What’s the least we can do and still call the result a film?

or maybe..

What should we toss together in the punchbowl and still hope to have a shot of getting this dog shown on The Chiller?

1. Get one star (-ish sort of person) – a recognizable name, but someone who has been so long out of the spotlight that, even after a triple-take you’re still not sure it’s him. AKA – someone affordable.

2. Set it on a plane. All good films are on planes, right? Airplane, Airport 1975, Snakes on a Plane…

3. Mafia guys? … Yeah, sure. That works.

4. Bring in some ancient artifact possessed by measureless power a la Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Perfect, now tick ’em off

1. Luke F’n Skywalker

2. Plane

3. A mafia Don with a couple of henchmen.

4. Some old vase

-apparently worth 100s of millions of dollars

-which they checked into baggage

-with an evil God trapped inside

To be honest, I’ve watched worse. In fact, I’m watching worse right now (Octopus), but it is still pretty bad.


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