Dexter: 3 Episodes in

Dexter-1-page-14-e1372931488135-660x590I have never had Showtime – and, honestly, I was doing OK.

I’ve seen billboards and promos for Dexter, but it never seemed like something I would be into. I think there was something about the image of Michael C. Hall as the show’s protagonist / title character that put me off. Unfortunately, what I didn’t get from a billboard was that Dexter was supposed to put us off.

From my standpoint – 3 episodes into Season One – I’m just getting to know Dexter, to learn his backstory, to understand his family, and to see the way that his father defined (perhaps ‘refined’) his character. Most importantly, I’m interested to see the way that we are brought into the dispassionate mind of a sociopath. We’re being asked to relate to someone who relates to no one.

Where I stand now is on the precipice overlooking eight seasons worth of binge-watching indulgence. The view is good from up here. I can see for mile after bloody mile.


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