What’s your Pleasure?

“Uh, I’d kinda like to have my flesh pulled off by meathooks on retractable chains.”

“Well, you’re in luck.”

did somebody say there was a party going on?

did somebody say there was a party going on?

I think my title says it all. I understand that the Cenobites have a different idea of pleasure than pretty much any human, but has there ever been a someone who actually got something good from the box? Or does hell/leviathan/the cenobites just prey on people’s general ignorance?


I watched Hellraiser II last night for the first time in many years. It’s totally possible that it has been twenty years or more since I last saw it, yet it’s my favorite of the series.

I know, that’s a low bar. Really, there’s only two decent films in the bunch (9, I think?). I feel like at least #2 tries to establish some rules:

“It is not hands that summon us. It is desire.”

and we get a look at hell, itself:

“How can it send us back, child? We’re already here… and so are you! ”



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