Dead Silence blankets the cinema; can still hear the ‘meh’

Why is Dead Silence such a terrible film? It seems to have everything going for it:

  • 3-1Ventriloquist Doll inhabited by killer
    • seriously, who isn’t afraid of those damn things? I had a Willie Talk doll when I was a kid and I don’t think there was a single night that I didn’t fall asleep convinced that I was going to wake up dead and somehow made into a ventriloquist puppet myself that ol’ Willie was ironically controlling.
    • And then there’s the ghost of the killer, herself, who is horrifying.
  • Pretty fancy set design and cinematography
  • a $20M budget
    • That’s a pretty good budget for a horror film…
    • According to Brenden Morrow,”The independent film Paranormal Activity hit and instantly became the most successful horror film of all time, grossing $193 million on a budget of just $15,000″
    • The Grudge was made on just $10M, while Saw managed to pull in $103M on a $1.2M budget.
  • An excellent backstory setting the stage for ‘vengeance from the grave’
    • A little spoiler: a ventriloquist who has her tongue cut out and then pursues her tormentor’s children to do the same to them. That’s great. Irony + revenge = buy the extra large popcorn and settle in for fun
    • or so I thought.
  • Mary-Shaw-and-BillyMurders that make sense within the context of the story
    • see above. this just works.
  • A freaking awesome twist with Jamie’s father and stepmother that almost – almost saved the whole thing.
    • I won’t say anything more about this, but it damn near saves the movie.

Yet, somehow this thing managed to squeak out a 6.2 / 10 rating on imdb (I guess some people weren’t paying attention and fell for the goodies above without ever noticing that execution fell completely flat.) and I think this is the worst crime of the night. I give it two stars and hope we don’t have to wait too long for a remake.


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