What Did I Just See?

A film with no plot worth discussing, graphic violence, too little nudity to be remotely interesting, and … well, all things considered, the acting wasn’t that bad.

A retired (?) surgeon and his desire to get to the bottom of one of the great mysteries of medical science. It can probably best be stated as: “Is the human alimentary canal, by some quirk, only 1/3 the length it should be?” or maybe, “Do human feces contain undigested nutrients sufficient for the nourishment of a second individual- maybe even two times over?” or “Can you still love a friend who does nothing but give you shit?”

These questions need to be answered. Preferably by a (self) exiled surgeon with a fully stocked hospital, including OR, in his basement.

I truly appreciated the nod to immunologists by mentioning that – can we call them tissue donors? – have to ‘match’ recipients in order to prevent graft rejection. Amazing that he could do complex tissue typing just by eye too. The guy’s a genius. Check out this brilliant diagram he drew to illustrate the details of the surgical process:


You see, food goes in one, through another, and out the last. Simple. Brilliant. The NEJM article is practically finished just with this, Figure 1.

Spoiler alert. If you would like to avoid seeing this film, but find that you can’t look away, watch Daniel Tosh give a blow-by-blow review of this giant piece of crap:



so, do I watch #2?



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