Bitten – a one minute review

I have good feelings about this film. It made me laugh and not get bored at another vampire story. Bitten is fun and reasonably sexy – except when it really tries to be, then it fails so badly, you almost have to look away.

bitten-picErica Cox brings it all to this movie. The casting call must have read, ‘super hot but mousy girl whose acting is actually B+ level, but doesn’t mind wearing obviously irritating tooth prosthetics, can keep crazy contacts in all day, and is completely willing to get nude on screen – a lot.’ She brought all that and more.

The story is simple, boy meets girl (covered in blood in an alleyway), boy brings girl in for some emergency medical care, girl falls in love with boy, girl attempts to eat boy several times, boy tries dumping girl but winds up having to kill her. Really? You couldn’t just turn vampire too and kill a bunch of worthless, profane bastards so you can live happily ever after?

Also amusing is Roger’s 100% obsession with all things ass or crap related.

Thumbs up. See it – especially if you’re a guy or otherwise find women attractive.


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