Body Melt

bodymelt“The first phase is hallucinogenic… the second phase is glandular… and the third phase is… BODY MELT”


Welcome to Vimuville. We’re happy to have you join us in the expanding world of Body Drugs! You’ll soon be part of a top notch research team in making, testing, and marketing the world’s next blockbuster pharmaceutical! –  Did I say testing? I mean … well, dosing people and watching them die.

Early work in our lab resulting in a breakthrough chemical that changed the lives of tens of users- at least two of which received reasonably positive results, transforming them from third-tier scientists into first class simpletons with gigantic muscles! We’re still working on effecting a transformation that doesn’t chemically castrate users and leave them as helium-voiced falsettos, but that’s what progress is all about!

We’re tasking you with engaging in a simple mail-order delivery system to provide the beautiful residents of Pebbles Court in the Melbourne suburb of Homesville with access to our most recent creations. Just pop them in mailboxes and let “science” do the rest!

So far, we’re convinced that our Phase I safety trial is going swimmingly. We hope that any day now we’ll find a dose low enough to produce the ultimate healthy human without those pesky side effects of hallucinations, mutations, and ghastly death!


Clearly Body Melt was aiming for the cult success attained by films like Dead Alive! and Bad Taste, but somehow things went wrong, dead wrong.

The first ten minutes (maybe five) of this 1993 monstrosity are  almost promising – or at least distracting enough that you might hope that the film just drags out this one scene for the whole 80 minutes. Unfortunately, you’re mistaken. There’s nothing like this in the remaining runtime. Once in a while there is something interesting or funny, but mostly you’ll wonder if mistakes were made in the cutting room and two – or maybe even three- high school film students had their homework projects unaccountably mixed into one.

If I could have been there in the making, there is one story line that I would have pushed to take over the whole plot would have been the ‘I see dead people’ hallucinations that bodymeltwomanproduced a misformed girl who haunts one of the characters, following him home and transforming back and forth between a whole woman and the melted wreck she became. It was a path that, if taken, could have made the entire film worth watching.

If only …

Watch Body Melt for free on Amazon Prime (only the best for Prime Members!) Just be sure to stop at 3:05.



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