images-1“Why 100 films in 100 days? Is this some kind of puerile challenge?”

“And where does he get the time for this?”

“What kind of films are we talking about anyway? Good films or Rocky I – Rocky C?”

“Does his wife know he’s doing this?”

“I’ll bet she doesn’t. She’s got a head on her shoulders. She wouldn’t abide this.”


Wait a minute. This isn’t so crazy. I mean, I don’t think it’s entirely good for someone to devote this much time to film, but it’s hardly out of the normal distribution. The average U.S. household has a TV on in their home for 6 hours, 47 minutes a day. I’m proposing watching a targeted 10.5 hrs per week and then spend another 10 -20 minutes writing a review, commentary, critique, or whatever seems appropriate.

One thing I do promise is to try to be honest and entertaining and cite any data or other references I mention (I am a scientist by training after all – you can read my other blog on science, et al if that interests you).

I hope you enjoy. Please chime in with your two bits anytime you want.




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