Just a quick post today about Office Space

ImageOffice space is one of the few movies that my wife is willing to watch more than once. Myself, I even watch movies I hate again and again. Sometimes, as with a real dog like Event Horizon, I’ll watch it every once in a while to check that it really is as bad as I remember. (It always is … I’m sure I’ll write more about that piece of crap film in the future, so I won’t go into it here)

Why is office space so funny? I guess anyone who has had a job can relate to it on some level. All you need is a boss and a co-worker or two and you’ve experienced some of that film first-hand.

I could stretch and say, Office space discusses happiness, the meaning of life, existentialism and justice, but I don’t think they really meant to raise serious questions. They just asked what everyone else asked, “Why do I keep going to this soul-sucking job if I hate it so much?”

So, answer this question: what would you do if you had a million dollars?


5 down, 95 to go!


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