I hate commercials – I love commercials


Maybe we shouldn’t have let Scott from the mailroom design our new logo on powerpoint

Perhaps I’m just getting old and out of touch.

Am I right in thinking that The Gap has lost its cool? There was a time when The Gap owned the popular (mall) retail space. They had a distinctive logo, sold affordable, reasonably well-made, simple, but stylish clothes. Honestly, the whole store was pretty much jeans and jean jackets when I was in school.

A lot has happened since then. The Gap now owns an array of stores from the quirky, cheap Old Navy through the expensive, more solidly made clothes that you really need to be 19 to wear but 40 to afford (Banana Republic). They also own Athleta, a catalog for young, attractive yoga-on-the-beach models and Piperlime (a store I’ve never some across).

ImagePerhaps, in the process, they’ve lost their way in marketing their marquee store while focusing on cultivating new audiences. The Old Navy ads always snare me with stars from the 70s and 80s making creative ads that grab hold of and entertain their audiences.

Earth, Wind and Fire’s ‘September’ was distilled to its essence for one of  The Gap’s last great commercials just before the clothing store lost its hold on ‘cool.’

Late ‘90s casual style that’s just soooo laid back it can’t even crack a smile. The Gap was riding high with Donovan’s Mellow Yellow. These were good times for the company. They still owned America’s teenagers, hadn’t ruined their logo and were making style instead of chasing it.

For more dead eyes and monotone renditions, Depeche Mode’s ‘I Just Can’t Get Enough’

120px-Gap_1972_service_mark.svgEarlier still, the Gap was recruiting celebrity musicians to take center stage in their ads. My favorite part of this ad is that it still used the old catch phrase

Check this out –‘Fall in to The Gap’

And last, ‘$15.95 will go a long way at The Gap this Christmas!’ Lucky Santa is lousy with early 80s girls.


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