“It’s gone airborne”

ImageDon’t worry, we can make a vaccine (probably in about 15 minutes), if only we can just get our hands on this one monkey.

I found Outbreak on CINEMAX tonight just as I was writing a blog about herd immunity for my Microbiology class. What perfect timing!

Unfortunately, this is a pretty bad movie from a scientific perspective. It might bring up a couple of interesting ethical questions about the responsibility of the government to protect its citizens from contagious disease, and whether utilitarian calculations can be used to justify “by any means necessary” tactics to this end. But, in terms of medicine… I just don’t see how one immune animal’s serum is likely to be translated into a medication capable of saving 2600 infected people in less than two hours. But that’s Hollywood, even a movie specifically about infectious disease and immunology completely ignores everything about infectious disease and immunity.

For at least a small dose of reality concerning how vaccines can be used to save lives, check out the Scientific American video on my blog


IMDB gives Outbreak 6.5 / 10 stars; Rotten Tomatoes gives it 59%

I’ve got to start watching better movies! I think both sites over rated this film (possibly due to it’s amazing All-Star cast). I give it 3/10.

24 down, 76 to go.


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